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Getting Started

Fish in Ponds and Lakes: Making Good Management Choices: Cornell Cooperative Extension

Constructing Recreational and Farm Ponds: New York Department of Environmental Conservation

Pond Construction-Some Practical Considerations: Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Soil and Water Conservation District offices: Contact information for New York counties

General Pond Management Resources:

Management of Fish Ponds in Pennsylvania" (pdf 2.2 MB) Penn State Agricultural Research and Cooperative Extension Bulletin. Available in print form from their distribution office: (814) 865-6713.

Ohio pond management handbook: A guide to managing ponds for fishing and attracting wildlife. Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Pond Management Guide: North Carolina Cooperative Extension. A comprehensive guide to basic pond management for quality fishing. This guide includes information on site planning and pond construction, fish stocking and harvesting, fertilization, liming and other management options, and solving common pond problems.

Farm Pond Management: New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

Integrated Pond Management: University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service.

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Fish Management:

Management Of Recreational Fish Ponds In Alabama: Alabama Cooperative Extension.

Managing Fish in Warmwater Ponds: Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

Managing Iowa Fisheries - Farm Ponds: Iowa State University Extension.

Placing Artificial Fish Attractors in Ponds and Reservoirs: Ohio State University Cooperative Extension.

Management of Farm Fish Ponds in Tennessee: University of Tennessee Agriculture Extension Service.

Stocking Sportfish in Virginia Ponds: Methods and Commercial Supply Sources: Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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Managing Aquatic Plants and Algae:

Controlling Aquatic Vegetation: Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

Controlling Filamentous Algae in Ponds: Ohio State University Cooperative Extension.

Chemical Control of Aquatic Weeds: Ohio State University Cooperative Extension.

Integrated Pond Management for Maryland (including algae control with barley straw): University of Maryland Cooperative Extension.

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Regulatory Information:

New York Department of Environmental Conservation

Also see Permits of this site for more information.

Miscellaneous Pond Topics:

Use of Copper Compounds in Aquatic Resource Management: Iowa State University Extension.

Taking Pond Measurements: Ohio State University Cooperative Extension.

Clearing Muddy Pond Waters: University Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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Matson, Tim. 1997. Earth ponds sourcebook: The pond owner's manual and resource guide. The Countryman Press, Woodstock, VT.

Matson, Tim. 1991. Earth ponds: The country pond maker's guide to building, maintenance and restoration. Second Edition. Countryman Press, Woodstock, VT.

Porter, Valerie. 1988. The pond book. Christopher Helm Publishers, London, England.

Diet for a small lake: a New Yorker's guide to lake management. 1990. NY Department of Environmental Conservation and NY The Federation of Lake Associations (NYFOLA), Inc., Rochester, NY. Contact NYFOLA to obtain a copy.

"Ponds - Planning, Design, Construction." The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)- Agriculture Handbook 590. Contains detailed information on design surveys, site selection, drainage area, pond layouts, soil analysis and spillway construction. You can obtain a copy of this publication from the UDSA NRCS website.

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