Aquatic Weed Management in NY Farm Ponds

Aquatic weeds pose a special challenge for farm operators. Decisions about aquatic weeds have consequences for production, irrigation, livestock health, farm expenses, and environmental quality. The resources listed below provide the most appropriate information to handle almost any aquatic weed question.
Management of Pond Plants: Cornell Department Of Natural Resources Extension web site providing a stepwise approach to weed management.
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants: University of Florida on-line database providing images and information about hundreds of aquatic weeds.

Recommended book for aquatic weed identification:
Through the Looking Glass... A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants, Susan Borman, Robert Korth and Jo Temte. Illustrated by Carol Watkins. 248 pp. U of Wisconsin Press; ISBN: 093231032X; (June 1998)


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